An eye-opening experience uncovering what lie beneath the skin's surface

Meet the OBSERV®; a 10-second skin diagnosis that offers new cross-selling opportunities. The OBSERV® 520x is designed to provide a more efficient and modernised service for skin consultations, allowing you to improve patient satisfaction and easily increase your revenue.



With a Face Positioning System that allows 5 facial photography angles, 8 different light modes for a deep examination of the skin and combined with future-proof technology, OBSERV® is the new generation of skin diagnosis.

Step 1 - Initial assessment

Use OBSERV® 520x to take your client on a journey to discover their skin profile and visualise the characteristics in the various layers of their skin.

Step 2 - Clear consultation

Show your clients more about themselves than they usually see. Create awareness of their skin concerns and help them to understand these.

Step 3 - Informed treatment

Create an effective treatment plan that helps your client and allows you to cross-sell your products, aided by the clear pictures you've taken.

OBSERV® 520x

8 Lighting Modes

Uncover your clients' skin concerns with the OBSERV® 520x. Use this device as an objective starting point to discuss their skin and to help them achieve their skin goals. Through combining cutting-edge technology and 8 different light modes, the OBSERV® 520x delivers a deep and accurate skin analysis distilled into simple insights and actionable guidance. Clients are able to understand the origin of their problems through the skin and appearance analysis and feel confident in the treatments they receive from a trusted consultant.

Why offer skin analysis in your business?

Convert aesthetic skin consultations into loyal client experiences

Understanding your clients' skin and goal is the starting point of each consultation. The OBSERV® 520x objectively reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to appearance. Create awareness of your clients’ skin concerns and help them to understand these with visual assets. Advise on pre- and post-treatment products by adding your own treatments, products and skin care into the OBSERV® app to increase your skin care sales.

Create digital client reports, tailored skin care treatment regimes & side-by-side comparisons.

Create an effective treatment plan based on informed decisions and the clear pictures you've taken to select the right products for your clients.


Trusted by Professionals

InnoFaith Beauty Sciences

“Globally, the use of OBSERV 520x leads to an increase in sales of more than 35%, including an increase in treatment sales, skincare sales and customer satisfaction”

Dr Mayoni, The Clinic by Dr Mayoni

“The OBSERV 520x has exceeded my expectations in the ability to increase skin care sales in such a short space of time. I generated £6,000 in skin care sales from 1 open event, indicating that this device will be extremely beneficial to my business performance.”

Hamish Dobbie, Managing Director, DRVICTORIA™ Clinic

“Just a quick thank you for your excellent instruction and demonstration to the team yesterday in using the OBSERV 520x. All the team were excited by the software’s improved usability compared the competitor device.”

Astra Farmer INP, A Little Enhancement Medical Aesthetics, Health and Wellness

"Before we had the OBSERV 520x, we were taking around £1,000 per week on skin care. Since having the OBSERV 520x, we have tripled that and are taking £3,000 a week. We put literally everyone that walks through the door on it. I can't believe it."


OBSERV® 320 is a simple, yet powerful tool that provides users with detailed insights into their skin. It’s perfect for anyone looking to understand the condition of their skin at a basic level and make smart decisions on skin care products.

  • Face Positioning System
  • 4 Light Modes
  • Skin Appearance Analysis
  • Light Mode Comparison
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Ghost Function
  • Before and After Comparison




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What can OBSERV® 520x be used for?

The OBSERV® 520x is an innovative skin analysis machine, that allows physicians to produce high quality photographs of their patients’ facial skin. It reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to appearance, and its advanced lighting modes help identity the root cause of specific skin concerns and conditions.

Why use OBSERV® 520x?

The OBSERV® 520x is a powerful tool that accentuates the trusted value of aesthetic teams and the quality of their effective treatments. Showcasing before and after images illustrates and promotes aesthetic treatments and unrivaled client services. This visible information enables beauty consultants to understand the skin of their clients and provide individual, comprehensive care and treatments. Clinics using OBSERV® 520x in skin consultations can see an increase in sales of more than 35%, including an increase in treatment sales, skincare sales and customer satisfaction.

How can clients benefit from the OBSERV® 520x?

By enabling clients to see what lies under their skin’s surface, consultants are able to identify the possible causes for specific skin concerns and conditions, and offer personalised advice and treatment plans to address their diagnostic. Having visual assets documenting the skin’s transformation throughout and after their treatment process will help clients see their progress and the efficiency of their bespoke treatment, resulting in enhanced trust in their beauty consultant.

How long does it take for the OBSERV® 520x to photograph the client?

The OBSERV® 520x has been developed with the latest technology, being 5x faster than its previous model. It can photograph a client in 5 different angles in an average of just 10 seconds, allowing for more consultation time between client and consultant.

How many different images can the OBSERV® 520x provide?

With a patented Face Positioning System, the OBSERV® 520x allows for a steady placing of the client’s face, and captures 5 different angles. In addition to that, the OBSERV® 520x is equipped with 8 light modes, 3 related to Appearance Analysis (Surface Texture, Pigmentation and Vascularity), and 5 related to Skin Analysis (Daylight, Parallel Polarised, Cross Polarised, True UV and Woods).

Can I store patient data?

With the OBSERV® 520x it is possible to create digital client reports, care and treatment plans, side-by-side comparisons, personalised notes, tailored skincare regimens and more. The client’s data can be stored to be accessed in the next consultation, and it can also be printed or shared via email.

Are all iPads compatible with the OBSERV® 520x?

Even though iPads are not included with the OBSERV® 520x, the following list of iPads can be used: 2017 Pro 10.5”; 2017 Pro 12.9” 2nd generation; 2018 Pro 11” 1st generation; 2018 Pro 12.9” 3rd generation; 2020 Pro 11” 2nd generation; 2020 Pro 12.9” 4th generation. The OBSERV® 520x includes a travel bag, useful guides, an intuitive app, and a set-up training program.


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