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Epicutis Lipid Recovery Mask (Pack of 5)

Epicutis Lipid Recovery Mask (Pack of 5)

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The advanced Lipid Serum, formulated in an ultra-concentrated version, is delivered through a bio-cellulose mask. This powerful treatment provides instant relief and healing for the skin upon application, and has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in as little as 10–15 minutes.

Before undergoing any invasive aesthetic procedures, we recommend incorporating our Lipid Recovery Mask into your skincare routine 1–2 days in advance.

After treatment, for calming inflammation and accelerating skin repair, we advise applying our Lipid Recovery Mask immediately and continuing with daily applications until symptoms subside.

Key Benefits:
• Diminishes the appearance of redness
• Enhances the overall health of the skin
• Refines the texture and appearance of the skin
• Leaves the skin feeling smoother and firmer
• Provides a soothing sensation to the skin